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I am an economist and writer who is interested in labor markets, demographics, immigration, urban economics, and -most broadly- empirical economics. I am currently a senior economist and assistant direct at Moody’s Analytics. There I manage U.S. demographics forecasts and research, including the U.S. population and households forecasts. In addition, I do research and write articles for Moody’s Analytics publications, including the Regional Financial Review and the Data Points blog. I also cover the Pennsylvania economy and conduct research for a wide variety of Moody’s Analytics clients.

In addition to my free articles at Data Points, I write for the Modeled Behavior blog at Forbes and you can find me on twitter @modeledbehavior. My writing has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer and The Atlantic, and my research has been cited by a wide variety of publications, including the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

Previously I was Director of Research for Econsult Solutions, an economics consulting firm in Philadelphia, PA. My research at Econsult was focused on real estate economics, including creating house price indices, commercial real estate valuation, and damage analysis for litigation. I received my Phd in economics from Temple University, where my dissertation was on the measurement of housing inflation for the consumer price index.

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